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Why Companies Use Staffing Firms for Vacation Coverage

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By Veronica Vannoy

When summer kicks in, employees start to request time off to spend time with their families, manage childcare, or simply refresh. Vacation time is an opportunity to reward employees, but it can have a negative impact on corporate productivity and burden employees.

It is the perfect time to complete projects that have been delayed due to a shortage of staff or to initiate work that is critical to meeting your goals. To prevent business from slowing down during the summer, many companies engage with staffing firms to provide vacation coverage. Here are a few great reasons why companies use staffing firms for vacation coverage:

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Maintain Productivity

Vacations mean that someone else in the company is going to have to pick up extra work or perhaps the work won’t be done for a few days or weeks. And, what about meeting deadlines? Deadlines certainly don’t take summer vacations. Using a staffing firm to get temporary staff is a great way to maintain productivity, ensure customer satisfaction, meet deadlines, and keep up with tasks that would otherwise pile up on your employees’ desks. A staffing firm will work with a company to determine the precise skills needed to step right in and perform the work.

Keep Employee Morale High

It’s important to allow employees to fully enjoy their summer vacations without the stress of answering emails or missing a deadline at work. Having temporary staff to cover vacation times will alleviate the burden on employees who aren’t taking the time off and therefore are at risk of burnout themselves. Employees will return to work ready to tackle new challenges with a positive mindset and help keep morale high within the company.

Improve Your Company Culture

Providing vacations is a great benefit to achieving a happy and healthy work environment, and it also shows that employers care about their staff. When companies provide temporary staffing support during the summer, holidays or other seasons that drive an increase in work, employees feel reassured that their employers are creating workplaces with their emotional health and wellbeing in mind. This creates positive experiences that can lead to not only improving company culture but retaining employees.

Rely on Experience

It’s not easy covering for an employee who is on vacation, especially when the person filling in doesn’t have the knowledge or the technical skills required to do the work. That’s another reason why companies work with an experienced staffing firm, like Cordia Resources, to bring in experienced temporary staff. Staffing firms use methodical sourcing and hiring processes to vet their talent and this ensures that temporary staff assigned to a project are fully capable to perform the role and create positive impact from day one.

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