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Tips on Working with a Recruiter

Be Honest
View your recruiter as a career resource and a trusted advisor. Cordia Resources recruiters put forth a great effort to find you the right job opportunity for you. In return, we expect you to be honest about your qualifications, experience, salary requirements and job search efforts. Open communication will help us find the best opportunity for you.

Be Committed
Lack of commitment can damage candidate-recruiter and candidate-client relationships. Following through on agreements is extremely important to maintaining a good long-term relationship with recruiters and clients.

Keep in Touch
When trying to find the ideal opportunity for a candidate, timing is everything! It is important that you provide your recruiter with multiple methods of getting in touch with you. Also, be sure to check in on current opportunities and let your recruiter know from time to time how your job search is going.

Help Expedite the Process
Before we can present you to our clients, we require a resume, 3 to 5 professional references and the necessary documentation to run a background and credit check.. We also like the chance to meet face-to-face with you. These steps not only validate your experience but also help in building a great working relationship between you and your recruiter.

Don’t be Afraid to Say “No”
We’ve all been in situations where we don’t want to disappoint someone else. In the recruiting industry, the sooner you tell your recruiter if something is not a good fit, the better off we will all be. It’s better to wait for the next great opportunity than to have you, our client, and us be dissatisfied with your new job.

Be Patient
Recruiters recognize the stress and frustration associated with finding a new job or being out of work. Unfortunately though, finding the right position, company, compensation and opportunity can take time. Remember that we have your best interest in mind, and timing is everything.

Be Prepared
Opportunities can open and close in a matter of hours. Being prepared with an updated resume and ready for potential interviews can be the difference between placing you or another candidate.


About Cordia Resources

Cordia Resources is a leading recruiting, professional consulting/staffing and executive search firm specializing in placing accounting, finance, and human resources professionals throughout the Washington DC area.  As part of the Cordia Partners services platform with access to an unmatched pool of talented accounting professionals, we provide expert financial recruiting and staffing solutions to our clients in the commercial and not-for-profit markets, including government contracting, technology, professional services, hospitality, real estate, and more.

Visit us at www.cordiaresources.com

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