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The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset

Manage Your Team, Manage Your Career Series

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By Shawn Geegbae

I’m Shawn, a professional Recruiter and avid reader. Two years ago, I set a challenge for myself – to complete the 52-book challenge. The goal: to read 52 books in 52 weeks, and I’ve done it now for two consecutive years. My desire to participate in this scholastic endeavor was plain and simple: to become more creative, better informed, and inspired. Here’s my book of the month - a tremendous resource for managers, regardless of industry.

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Dr. John C. Maxwell is an internationally renowned speaker, author of multiple best-selling books, and one of his works is my pick for December’s Book of the Month, The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset. In this book, he states that a positive attitude can be the difference maker when it comes to life’s ups and downs.

Imagine this scenario: Hiring manager interviews multiple candidates and many times the candidates are equally qualified: similar level of education, similar technical skills, and compatible years of experience, who are you going to hire? I bet it’s going to be the one who had a positive attitude during the interview process. Why? Because attitude is the difference maker, as the author shares. Attitude cannot replace competence, hard work, or talent, but it is a key factor that will make a difference in your life personally and professionally.

What is attitude exactly? Dr. Maxwell states, “the sum of all your thoughts comprises your overall attitude.” He elaborates further, “Every thought you have shapes your life. What you think about your neighbor is your attitude toward him. The way you think about your job is your attitude toward work. Your thoughts concerning your spouse, the people on the highway during rush hour, and the government create your attitude toward each of those subjects. Your attitude is your emotional approach to life.”

The author makes the argument that the first step in cultivating a positive attitude in life is becoming responsible for your own attitude. Attitudes come from within. You are responsible for the attitude that you possess. Therefore, attitude management is key. The ups and downs of life will occur so asking yourself, “How’s my attitude for today” is helpful. A change in your attitude can only occur when you consciously desire it.

Dr. Maxwell also introduces his readers to five obstacles associated with attitude: Discouragement, Change, Problems, Fear, and Failure. He presents strategies for overcoming these obstacles, ensuring a negative attitude will not undermine your efforts to succeed. I believe that our attitude and the awareness/management of it is important if we want to significantly improve our lives.

I hope you enjoy the book, please let me know what your greatest takeaway was. I am looking for my next book to read, so if you have any recommendations for great books focused on management, team building, and/or personal development, send them my way.

Here’s a link to purchase the book. Neither I nor my company are affiliated with the author or make any financial gain from promoting this book. Just a truly great read!


Shawn Headshot-croppedsmallerShawn Geegbae is a Recruiting Manager for Cordia Resources based out of the Tyson's office. He is focused on full-cycle recruiting through sourcing, qualifying, and building long-term relationships with job seekers  in the Washington, DC area to help them meet their career goals. Prior to Cordia Resources, Shawn worked as the Business Development Manager for a financial literacy startup in Los Angeles, CA. Through sports, Shawn and his organization taught middle school and high school students financial concepts in a more interesting, relatable, and applicable way.  After graduating from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Finance, Shawn spent several years on Wall Street as a commodity broker. Shawn enjoys reading and writing, as well as being an avid sports fan. Questions? Comments? Email Shawn at sgeegbae@cordiaresources.com

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