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Cordia's March Career Tips!

Every Tuesday, Cordia Resources shares our favorite career tips on LinkedIn. Our advice comes from the knowledge and insight our recruiting experts provide daily to our clients and candidates. Below is the compilation of the different tips from the month of March. We hope this is useful to you and your network. Connect with us on LinkedIn now to see a new tip each week!

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  • Productive Scheduling: When working from home, create a work schedule to help meet deadlines and maximize productivity. Taking set mini breaks throughout the day can help minimize burnout.
  • Video Interviewing: Be aware of your surroundings. Set up your device in a location with proper lighting and clean background. Make sure you are in an environment with Wi-Fi and where you can speak without interruptions. 
  • Leading Your Team: Set and define clear goals to your teams to get the most important and urgent tasks completed on time.
  • Hiring Strategy: When looking for that right candidate, create a checklist with well-defined qualifications to make the most out of your hiring strategy.
  • Networking 101: Storytelling and examples are the best way to show your abilities, skills and achievements. This helps you stay memorable and show a passion for what you do.

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