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Looking to Become a Great Manager? Read This Book!

Manage Your Team, Manage Your Career Series

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By Shawn Geegbae

I’m Shawn, a professional Recruiter and avid reader. Two years ago, I set a challenge for myself – to complete the 52-book challenge. The goal: to read 52 books in 52 weeks, and I’ve done it now for two consecutive years. My desire to participate in this scholastic endeavor was plain and simple: to become more creative, better informed, and inspired. Here’s my book of the month - a tremendous resource for managers, regardless of industry.

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The Driving Force by Peter W. Schutz
Anyone aspiring to be an excellent manager must read this book. The author, Peter Schutz, who is the retired CEO of Porsche AG, advocates that "people are the driving force in business." Your business’ competitive advantage is not its size, brand recognition, patents, or price structure, but rather having top-notch employees who make the difference between mediocrity and extraordinary performance.

The lessons within The Driving Force are applicable to corporate environments and personal interactions. Here are some tips and insights you will find illuminating in The Driving Force by Peter W. Schutz.

  • Why it’s important to remove the glass panes between people.
  • Four of the most powerful words in the world are, “I need your help.”
  • Pursue excellence, not success.
  • Decide like a democracy. Implement like a dictatorship.
  • Be like Vince Lombardi: make sure Tony understands.
  • Are you building a temple or busting rocks?

I hope you enjoy the book and let me know what your greatest takeaway was. I am looking for my next book to read, so if you have any recommendations for great books focused on management, team building, and/or personal development, send them my way.

Here’s a link to purchase the book. Neither I nor my company are affiliated with the author or make any financial gain from promoting this book. Just a truly great read!


Shawn Headshot-croppedsmallerShawn Geegbae is a Recruiting Manager for Cordia Resources based out of the Tyson's office. He is focused on full-cycle recruiting through sourcing, qualifying, and building long-term relationships with job seekers  in the Washington, DC area to help them meet their career goals. Prior to Cordia Resources, Shawn worked as the Business Development Manager for a financial literacy startup in Los Angeles, CA. Through sports, Shawn and his organization taught middle school and high school students financial concepts in a more interesting, relatable, and applicable way.  After graduating from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Finance, Shawn spent several years on Wall Street as a commodity broker. Shawn enjoys reading and writing, as well as being an avid sports fan. Questions? Comments? Email Shawn at sgeegbae@cordiaresources.com

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