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Cordia's June Career Tips!

Every Tuesday, Cordia Resources shares our favorite career tips on LinkedIn. Our advice comes from the knowledge and insight our recruiting experts provide daily to our clients and candidates. Below is the compilation of the different tips from the month of June. We hope this is useful to you and your network. Connect with us on LinkedIn now to see a new tip each week!

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  • Video Interview Ready: For your upcoming video interview, always do a practice run to learn the platform you will be using, make sure your lighting is good and your outfit is on point! Also, to avoid problems with audio and freezing video, try moving closer to your WIFI or for best results invest in an ethernet cable.

  • Phone Etiquette: If you are actively applying for opportunities, prepare for phone calls to come your way. You should always answer the phone in a professional manner and have your voicemail set up with a clear and concise message.

  • Follow Up With A Thanks: After an interview, don't forget to send a thank-you note or email. It's a great first step to show you are grateful for being considered as a candidate. It can also be an added approach to emphasize your advantage, offer anything you forgot to mention during the meeting and to stay top of mind. 

  • Personalize It: To increase your networking circle on social media platforms like LinkedIn, try adding a personalized connection request. Make sure to include the first name, how you met them or why you are connecting with them before politely asking them to connect.

  • Cover Letter Savvy:  In your cover letter be sure to highlight your professional achievements, define your career objectives, explain changes and gaps in your resume, and your motivation to join the company. This will boost your chances to land that dream job.

At Cordia Resources, we take pride in making the process of working with us easy, recruiting and placing talent quickly, and providing excellent customer service. Contact us for immediate help today. 

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