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Cordia's May Career Tips!

Every Tuesday, Cordia Resources shares our favorite career tips on LinkedIn. Our advice comes from the knowledge and insight our recruiting experts provide daily to our clients and candidates. Below is the compilation of the different tips from the month of May. We hope this is useful to you and your network. Connect with us on LinkedIn now to see a new tip each week!

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  • Utilize Social Media: Stay connected with your network using social media. Post ideas, curated articles, and other content that will attract and engage your network. Make sure you are using hashtags and keywords to spotlight your post.
  • Plan Your Day: Setting a daily schedule can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Make sure you are taking breaks during the day and if some days you need to work late, make sure you balance that with a little extra home time when you can.
  • Boost Your Skills: Take some time to find online or virtual courses to increase your knowledge and augment your skill set. Add your new skills to your resume and LinkedIn profile. 
  • Tailor your Resume: If you are applying for multiple positions, especially jobs that have different titles, different responsibilities and are in different industries; tailor your resume and profile to that job. Minor changes that explain your varied skills make a difference and can help you get noticed.

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