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Cordia, Grant Thornton, and Unanet Host Controller Forum CPE Event


Controller Forum Crowd Shot Click to View Photos from the Event


Cordia Partners, Grant Thornton LLP, and Unanet hosted a complimentary panel discussion for the Controller Forum on April 6, 2016. Topics included efficiencies of project management and how it translates to project performance, as well as healthcare market trends and how you can adopt to changes in the insurance industry.


Project Management Efficincies Panel:
Traci Rowland Shepps, Partner, Cordia Partners
Greg Prince, Vice President, Sigma Health Consulting, LLC

Diane Curren, Controller, Ellumen, Inc.

Healthcare Market Trends & Self-Funding Arrangements:
Jody Buyalos, Owner, The Insurance Exchange
Ryan Braden, Business Development Manager, Milliman

CFO Spotlight:
Cindy Miley, CFO, Armed Forces Services Corporation

John Hafey, Controller, Unanet



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