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Relocating to Washington DC?

You landed a job! And not just any job, but the perfect job! You’re on your way to new position, a new rung of the corporate ladder, and a new chapter of professional experiences and opportunities. But as it happens, you’re also headed into an entirely new chapter of life… Because your new position will require a move to Washington DC. If you’ve never lived in the DC area and you’ve never made a long distance move to pursue a job offer before, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind before you pack your bags.

Get help

Before you take another step, find out what your new company can do for you in terms of moving assistance and a housing allowance. Your new employer may be able to reduce some of your financial and logistical burdens, but they may only offer this help if you explicitly ask. So make sure that happens before you put your plan in motion.

Consider renting first

Housing prices in the area can vary widely, and you won’t really know what you want from a permanent residence until you understand the details of your commute. The Beltway presents a notorious challenge for out-of-towners, and you’ll need learn how to navigate this challenge before you choose the side on which you’d rather live. Keep in mind that home and apartment prices in downtown DC can be high, but the energy and pace of the city might be the right match for your personality.

Check restrictions

Your employer should tell you about this, of course, but some government and government contracting positions require employees to live within a certain proximity of central DC. Don’t be surprised if you face a restriction that limits your living options.

Plan every step before you act

You probably have a few weeks to pack up, make arrangements with a moving company, find a place, put non-movable items in storage, and make all necessary contacts with friends and family in your current city and your future home. Start planning now and don’t make any expensive commitments until the path is paved, the offer is set in stone, your family supports your decision, and your current employer has received your formal notice.

As you start putting the wheels in motion and establishing a new life in this vibrant, complex, and hardworking city, reach out to the staffing experts at Cordia for guidance and specific tips.

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