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How to Increase Your Value as a CPA

If you're a certified public accountant, you know that your clients rely on you to keep them compliant while finding exemptions and regulation shifts that can help them save money. Your relationship and your employer’s faith depend on your ability to help them navigate complex requirements and reporting obligations. But if you're interested in deepening this relationship and laying the groundwork for long term career growth, consider the following:

Build up your network of other CPAs.

There’s truth to the new/old saying that’s taken over the working world since the great recession: Your network is your only real form of job security. And when you're maintaining it well, your network is working for you and generating support for your career even when you have a strong position and no intention of looking for a new one. Put another way, don't just turn to your network for the job search. Use it to stay in the loop and on top of changes in the field.

Stay flexible.

Expanding your value proposition won't be easy if you don't give yourself more exposure to more complicated financial services. Immerse yourself as deeply as possible in your client/employers business model. Learn how every department works, from IT to marketing to research and development. And as far as possible, get to know key employees in these departments. Keep a constant lookout for ways in which your client might improve efficiencies, raise productivity, or cut costs.

Develop focused skill sets.

Get focused on limited, specific services or industry niches for new offerings.  If you’re an international tax law expert with specific experience that can help importers and exporters expand into new global markets, leverage that niche knowledge. Grow your client base in the direction you choose—not the direction that’s chosen for you by a broad, generic skill base.

For more on how to broaden your influence and increase your value to your clients, reach out to the DC financial staffing pros at Cordia.

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